Special Offer for Traffic Control Training Organisations

Learn and train with Australia’s most advanced light-weight Portable Traffic Light.

Type 1 Portable Traffic Signal Systems are becoming increasingly popular for use on temporary road works. Allowing traffic workers to control the temporary lights from a safe distance while controlling and managing high speed and dangerous traffic zones.

Special Demonstration Units suitable for indoor use and outdoor training only:

  • Heavily discounted dual, single PTLs and target board accessories
  • Available Australia wide
Terms and Conditions: 1 unit per registered training organisation. All purchase orders required the following product codes* (See Below)
If you would like to find out more information in regards to this offer or to place an order, please call 1800 12 22 20 or enquire below.

Just let our team know that you received this special offer!

*Product Codes

Product Name Product Description
T PTL1-PTSS-01D-DEMO Portable Traffic Signal Sys-Dual DEMO
T PTL1-PTSS-01S-DEMO Portable Traffic Signal Sys-Single DEMO
T PTL1-TB-01-DEMO Target Board DEMO
T PTL1-TBB-DEMO Target Board Bag DEMO

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