Hand-held Remote Control (HRC)

The Hand-held Remote Controller, or HRC, is a battery-powered device that controls the Portable Traffic Signal Units (PTSUs). It is the only way to operate the PTSUs, and is also used to investigate any issues that the system may experience.

The HRC has a rechargeable 3.2V battery that can be charged using a standard USB power adaptor and the USB cable supplied with the PTSU battery.

The HRC consists of the following components:

  • M12 connector data lead for recharging and log data transfer
  • a tether for a lanyard or wrist band
  • backlit LCD screen (manually activated)
  • keypad buttons
  • fixed external antenna

The HRC communicates with the PTSU’s using radio communications on the unlicensed 915 MHz spectrum and acts as the master, notifying the user of any faults or issues, such as a moved PTSU.

HRC Functions

The HRC has a number of functions including:

  • Power-on-self-test
  • Pairing
  • Operating mode
  • Warnings
  • System information, and
  • Signal phase selection.

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