Setting Up the Portable Traffic Signal System

Setting up the Portable Traffic Signal System (PTSU) is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Assemble the PTSU in the following order.

Basic set up

  1. Start with the tripod. Undo the strap and open up the legs.
  2. Stand the tripod upright on the feet
  3. Secure each leg by lifting the leg lock lever all the way, open the leg fully; and drop the lever back over the tab. (Make sure to keep your fingers clear of the mechanism when perfroming this operation)
  4. Secure the stem at the lowest level using the locking screw at the top of the legs.
  5. Lift the lantern head into place and slide the mounting post over the top of the tripod stem. (You can orientate the lantern head by turning it on the tripod stem)
  6. Secure the lantern by tightening the lock screw on the mounting post.

Mounting the battery enclosure

  1. Insert the bracket of the metal frame into the slots underneath the lantern head.
  2.  Slip up the keyhole over the lock
  3. Turn the key to secure the battery enclosure
  4. Plug the power cable into the battery’s connector, and either of the two power inputs on the PTSU.

Fitting the optional target board

  1. Place the top of the target board into the mounting bracket at the top of the lantern.
  2. Secure the target board using the 1/4 turn locking nut at the bottom.

Post set-up

  • To raise the lantern head to the required height, simply unlock the locking screw at the top of the legs and raise the stem until the correct height is achieved. Lock the stem with the locking screw. (Minimum height of the set up is 1.5 meters to the base of the lantern head)
  • If the tripod legs need to be extended to improve stability in strong winds, the stem may need to be lowered to compensate for the additional height.

The PTSU is now ready to be powered on for operation.

For more information on setting up the Portable Traffic Signal, watch the video below. To move on to the next video Powering up the PTL, click here.

Setting up the PTSU Instructional Video

YouTube video

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