Portable Traffic Light Solution Flyer

The Portable Traffic Light uses smart and innovative technology, making it safe and efficient for traffic controllers to operate.

PTL is the next generation Type 1 portable traffic signal system – a safer alternative to STOP/SLOW signs.

The product is intended for temporary traffic control around roadworks, large construction and mine sites. It is easy to set-up and operate with minimal training. The system comprises of one Hand-held Remote Controller (HRC) as the master controlling device and one or two Portable Traffic Signal Units (PTSU) mounted on tripods which operate as slaves. Communication between master and slaves is by radio link.

Key features:

  • Safety interlocks with ‘all red’ signal on faults
  • 3 Operating modes: Shuttle/Plant Crossing/Gating (single PTSU)
  • Built in alarms: tilt, GPS, compass rotation
  • Adjustable tripod legs to enhance stability in any terrain
  • Hot-swappable 20Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery & enclosure on PTSU
  • 2.7” LCD screen with backlight for night-time operation on HRC
  • Alarm log
  • Designed in Australia*

The lightweight Hand-held Remote Controller (HRC) with a lanyard option, has a low power LCD display with a backlight for night-time use. The display makes for easy operation of the Portable Traffic Signal Unit (PTSU). Functions include: power-on-self-test, pairing, operating mode, warnings, system information and signal phase selection.

Each individual Portable Traffic Signal Unit (PTSU) has sensors to detect excessive heat, rotation, tilt or excess movement using accelerometers, an electronic compass and GPS. The intelligent firmware has multiple safety interlocks based around critical alerts to turn the signal to red in the event of operational problems such as: loss of communication, aspect failure, power supply and many others.

All electronic and electrical components are housed in IP65 enclosures to keep out moisture and dust. The PTSUs use 12V battery power supplies which can be hot swapped (changed over) in the field without interrupting operation.
The Portable Traffic Signal Unit includes a highly stable tripod base, fabricated from zinc plated steel to stand up to the rigours of harsh environments and provide a long lifespan.

Mounting of the lantern head is at waist height, minimising the risk of operator back strain and pinch points. Stability of the PTSU is enhanced with tripod legs fully extended, reducing the need for additional ballast in stronger winds or for when the quick-fit target board is required.

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