PTL Troubleshooting Guide

It is important to understand what your Portable Traffic Signal System (PTSS) is trying to tell you through its various warnings and alerts.

In case of any problem, the PTSS can notify you via the HRC by means of warnings and critical alerts.  

Warnings are notified on the screen as ‘Alert’ and 3 quick beeps. They are non-critical issues that need to be investigated but do not result in an ‘all red’ state.  

Critical alerts are more serious, and always result in an ‘all red’ state, which means that both PTSUs will be changed to red for safety. Most critical alerts also result in a system shutdown.  

See the tables below; the HRC screen will also advise the operator if the following error has occurred:

  • PTSU moved 
  • Loss of radio 
  • Red lantern failure 
  • Aspect conflict 
  • Min time failure 
  • Multi-aspect failure 
  • System crash 
  • Power supply failure 

For full details of the Portable Traffic Signal System error codes in the user manual, see Section 4 – System Troubleshooting. You can also contact technical support here or call us on 1800 12 22 20.

For more information regarding set up of your PTSS, please see the training videos here.


SymptomPossible CauseAction
PTSU won't startBattery is too low
Fuse has blown
Replace with fully charged battery
Replace fuse in junction box
HRC won't startBattery is too lowRecharge HRC battery
HRC not responsiveFirmware conflictPower off and restart
One lantern LED aspect is not workingCable connection issue
LED lights are faulty
Check connection
Replace LED aspect with correct colour
PTSU is not respondingFault or distance too greatRestart or move PTSU closer
Visual indicator light is not workingCable connection issueRestart or deactivate and contact support
Start of Self Test sequence errorsMany potential causesCheck error code tables below; contact support
PTSU moved alertInaccurate GPS fixRealign PTSU and then restart. Refer to user manual

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