The Portable Traffic Light uses smart and innovative technology, making it safe and efficient for traffic control operators

Madison Technologies has created the next generation portable traffic signal system, for easy traffic control management, giving a great user experience that’s built to last.

Intended for traffic control around roadworks as a safer alternative to STOP/SLOW signs, the Portable Traffic Light is easy for a traffic controller to set-up and operate with minimal training.

  • Lightweight Hand Remote Controller with backlit low power LCD display
  • Extensive built-in safety features; early warnings and alerts, GPS location, compass direction and tilt warnings
  • Robust tripod with large footprint stability that’s adjustable to suit any terrain
  • Portable lightweight design for easy set-up with only 3 separate components to handle
  • Hot-swappable lithium LiFePO4 batteries for continuous, disruption-free operation

Portable Traffic Light Signal Unit

The Portable Traffic Light includes a highly stable tripod fabricated from steel to stand up to the rigors of harsh environments and provide a long-lifespan. Each tripod leg is adjustable to enable upright operation on uneven terrain. Mounting of the lantern head is at waist height, minimising back strain and pinch points. Stability is enhanced with legs fully extended, reducing the need for additional ballast in stronger winds or for when the quick-fit target board is required. Maintaining a strong and robust structure in the most difficult roadside conditions where only a temporary traffic control device is required.

Hand Remote Control

The stylish lightweight Hand Remote Controller (HRC) has a low power LCD display for user friendly insights to assist with easy operation of the Portable Traffic light.

Using this smart and innovative technology is vital in keeping our road workers out of harms way and off the road in high speed zones. The Portable Traffic Light is creating safer workplaces for those in traffic management.

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